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Updated: May 20, 2021

In another random artistic urge ~ I really wanted to make some posters. In fact protest posters. They seem to cover everything to satisfy me. Beautiful art, nice lettering, and a useful communication tool for the next revolution! Here are some of my favourites.....

So then, my lovely friends at The Good Things Collective in Morecambe suggested that I make the poster idea into a reality by pairing up with Kate Drummond

( famed for her ice cream van & beautiful Morecambe murals )

~ to go in their 'Creative Exchange' Exhibition alongside other 24 local artists, who have paired up to make art and explore the collaborative process.

On at the Arndale Centre from the 27th of May 2021.

Here are my original sketches and my hilarious screen plan - which, with the help of an old roll of red vinyl, and a craft knife ~ amazingly become quite nice looking screens!

Ink was mixed over a phone consultation with my collab partner ~ ice cream being the theme. Because who has never protested about not being allowed an ice cream!

Printing onto A2 paper in the garage was relatively pain free, with the help of my new outside tap! And although using vinyl to make the screens doesn't make a perfect print, we liked the low-fi, misaligned look, with it's imperfections.

Turns out that knowing what to protest about is not so easy when you're tired and menopausal!

When there are people protesting against socialism and for their right to freedom from the oppression of having to live in a kind and inclusive society!? What??? Nothing Makes Sense Anymore!

And that, dear reader, is what we called it.

Kate had some iconic font stored away that she had wanted to use for something - and this was the perfect place and moment.

Half Poster Block font designed in the 30's and is used at a teaching tool because of its simplicity, for typography and lettering.

We placed our socially distant thinking caps upon our heads and thought of some words we liked, then sent them through space to our friend Jenny McCabe who printed them out on her laser printer - it uses toner rather than inkjet ~ essential for the next process.

Here's the gist of it ~ using nail varnish remover - with accetone, an open window, some cotton wool and a trusted wood spoon.

Kate and John made the placards and they were then driven from Glasgow and then delivered to Morecambe by Kates dad!

I love a collaboration!

Yes, those words have been put on backwards on purpose!

To add to our feelings of confusion.

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